Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

Below are answers to Brew Zoo’s most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you need any additional information.

Why does Cassidy's Brew Zoo need my name and address when I buy beer?

According to PLCB regulations Title 40 of the PA liquor code sec.9.106, we are required to record the name and address of any purchaser of a case of 40oz. bottles, a case of 5 liter keg cans, 4 or more cases of beer, or a keg.

Will Cassidy's Brew Zoo give my information to the police?

On occasion, members of the law enforcement will ask Cassidy’s Brew Zoo to furnish a sales record of a specific sale to assist in an investigation, Cassidy’s Brew Zoo, just like all other licensees, is required by law to furnish that information to those officials.

What is Cassidy's Brew Zoo's carding policy?

Please see our Carding Policy section.

I’m 23 years old, why do you need to see my ID?

It is Cassidy’s Brew Zoo’s policy to card anyone who appears to be under the age of 30. For more information, please see our Carding Policy section.

I saw this great beer in another state, can I order it from you?

This is a tricky one. In order for a brewer to sell their produce in this state, they must first register the brand with the PLCB. If the PLCB approves their product, then the brewer can assign distributors for the product. After distributors are assigned, we can only get the product if the distributor is assigned to our territory, and even then we may not be able to carry the product.

In short, it’s a very complicated process, and we will try our best to research the product, but it all starts at the brewery.

Can beer of malt beverages be cold and then become warm and then cold again?

This is a very common question, and the answer may surprise you. Generally speaking, as long as you don’t put the case in direct sunlight, or near a source of heat, room temperature storage will not spoil cold beer. Sunlight is the main culprit of “Skunky Beer”. We suggest that you store your beer in a cool, dark place, like a basement or a garage.

How much beer is in a keg?


Do you sell or rent equipment?

Cassidy’s Brew Zoo does not sell any type of equipment. We do rent hand pump taps and tubs when you purchase your keg from the Brew Zoo. All rented equipment must be returned within 7 days from rental to avoid any additional charges.

Can Cassidy's Brew Zoo ship a case or keg out to me?

We cannot ship any product by mail. All purchases must be made in person.

Can I reserve a keg or cases of beer?

Yes, You can reserve product at the Cassidy’s Brew Zoo by coming into the store and selecting your purchase and paying for it. We actually recommend doing this on a busy holiday weekend because of delivery schedules of our wholesalers.

We will then pull the product and keep it until you return to pick it up at your convenience. Unfortunately, we cannot take reservations over the phone because there is no way to verify the age or identity of the person on the phone.

Can I return a keg of beer that I bought but didn’t tap?

NO! Once a keg has been taken out of the store it can not be returned for credit.

We have no way of knowing if the keg was taped or if it was kept refrigerated at the proper temperature. With this policy we can guarantee that any keg we sell to you has been in our control even since it was delivered to us. Would you like a keg that was previously bought by someone else and returned? Neither would we!