Redd’s Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale branches out from traditional beer. Crisp like an apple and brewed like a beer, this ale is...

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Magners Original Irish Cider

Commercial cider made with a controlled yeast then pasteurized and artificially carbonated. Sold as Bulmers in...

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Michelob Ultra Light Cider

A fermented alcoholic drink made from apple juice, cider has long been enjoyed as one of the world’s most...

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Angry Orchard

A crisp and refreshing cider, its fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make it hard to...

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It is also in a strong commercial position in Ireland, where the name has historical relevance.  

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Woodchuck Ciders

Woodchuck Ciders Available in classic Amber, Raspberry, Pear, Crisp, 802, Fall (seasonal), Summer (seasonal), and...

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